MIDI - Musical Instrument Digital Inferface

        (1) A Guide to MIDI (Part 1) - What is MIDI ?

        (2) A Guide to MIDI (Part 2) - The benefit of MIDI ?

        (3) A Guide to MIDI (Part 3) - The MIDI data

        (4) A Guide to MIDI (Part 4) - The implementation chart

        (5) Yes! Synthesizers are musical instrument.

        (6) What do you need to set up a MIDI studio?

        (7) The MIDI Function of the Sound Blaster Pro

        (8) Essential features for a MIDI keyboard

        (9) Possible new features for MIDI

        (A) How does a synthesizer produce sound

        (B) APA goes MIDI

        (C) A MIDI sequencer for the Sound Blaster Card

        (D) GM - A General MIDI standard

        (E) The Synthesizer revolution - present and future

        (F) Yo-Yo Ma plays MIDI cello

        (G) Midiman MM-401 MIDI interface card

        (H) MIDI Interface Card for the IBM PC

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