A MIDI Sequencer For Sound Blaster

Creative Labs has reached an agreement with Voyetra Technologies, a Boston company and developer of MIDI software, to bundle Voyetra's Sequencer Plus MIDI software with the Sound Blaster (SB) MIDI Box. Effective this September, Voyetra's full line of Professional MIDI software will be revised to take advantage of the Sound Blaster's digital audio/FM and MIDI features.

Voyetra has developed a special version of its popular Sequencer Plus software, called the "Sequencer Plus Junior" (SpJr). Effective September, a version of the SB's optional MIDI box will be bundled with SpJr and each SB will include a self-running demo disk with literature explaining the features offered by the SB MIDI/SpJr package.

The SB MIDI Box will also include Voyetra's Application Interface (VAPI) for the Sound Blaster, allowing programs written for the Yamaha C1 Music Computer to be easily ported to the Sound Blaster. Voyetra will provide an optional VAPI Developer's Toolkit for software developers interested in supporting the Sound Blaster MIDI/FM features with the VAPI driver.

SpJr is a 64-track sequencer derived from Voyetra's flagship product, Sequencer Plus Mark III, which was twice awarded PC Magazine's Editor's choice. SpJr takes full advantage of the SB's MIDI and FM features so that songs can be played back using the FM chips and external MIDI device simultaneously. Although SpJr uses an external MIDI keyboard, MIDI data may also be inserted and edited with a mouse or PC keyboard. SpJr songs can be saved as "MIDI Files" to exchange with programs that support this industry standard format.

To provide an upgrade path from SpJr, Voyetra is adding SB support to its professional versions of Sequencer Plus, called Sequencer Plus (SP) and Sequencer Plus Gold (SPG).

SP version 4.0 is a 500-track sequencer that offers a more powerful MIDI editing environment utilizing the SB's digital audio playback channel for creating songs that include digital audio along with MIDI and FM sound.

SPG version 4.0 offers a 2000-track version of SP's sequencing features plus a "FM sound editor" for modifying and creating FM sounds from within the program and a "Sound bank arranger" for using the PC to archive and store sound libraries for the SB's FM chips and over 120 popular MIDI synthesizer models. In addition, SPG includes a powerful MIDI data analyser for deciphering MIDI data streams and directly controlling MIDI devices.